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Breeding Your Own ACD

There are millions of dogs put to death each year in this country due to a lack of homes. Many of these dogs are purebred Australian Cattle Dogs. To breed a dog without researching the pros and cons first is unethical. Not having prior knowledge to what it takes to breed responsibly is no excuse. Please check out the following links regarding breeding your dog. These are the best links and information on the subject.

So you want to be a breeder

Not for the squeamish - but then neither is breeding

Things to think about BEFORE breeding your dog

So you want to use your dog at stud

Miracle of Birth video

I want to stand my dog at stud

Breeding Information

Thoughts on dog breeding

Its just one litter

I want my dog to be a mother

Think before you do

The best laid plans

The cost of having a litter

Pet Overpopulation

Should you breed your dog or bitch?

Breeding Your Dog

Breeding Your Dog
(excellent genetic articles)

Ok, ok you convinced me, you say. I'm going to leave it for others, but I still want a purebred.
How do I find a reputable breeder?

Good Question !

Choosing A Breeder

You know, now that I think of it, I'm not sure a puppy is right for me.
 Where can I find a rescue ACD?

ACD Rescue

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