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  First Aid Resources

Emergency Procedures

During an emergency it is very important that you remain calm. Animals can sense your unease, but cannot understand what is happening and you cannot verbally tell them. Your body language is very important. Be calm, yet deliberate in your actions.

For Your Vet

Give them the following information via phone if possible:

  • Your name

  • Your ETA (estimated time of arrival at the vet's office)

  • Steps taken (CPR, O2...)

  • Breed/size

  • If a foreign body, what the suspected object is

  • If a poison or medication has been ingested

  • Mechanism of injury (hit by car...)

Write down the phone number of the 24 hour animal hospital nearest you and place it in a prominent place or in your wallet.

Careful record keeping is necessary for good health care. 

Keep accurate records of all your dog's vaccinations, procedures, family history, birth date,  tests, etc. 

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