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CH SilverDust Blue Sneakers CD NAC CGC HIC TDI - Owned by Lynn Tatro, Talyn ACDs, Matnnuska Valley, Alaska

The Australian Cattle Dog is well-suited to the sport of agility.  It is agile, swift, confident, biddable, and willing to work accurately at a distance from the handler. 

About Agility - What it is, Who Does It and Why

"Simply put, Agility is the most fun you can share with your dog!  In its recreational form, Agility is like a visit to a doggy amusement park, providing an outlet for excess energy and a fun way to spend some free time with your canine companion.  In its competitive form, Agility is the up-and-coming dog sport in which dogs traverse a maze of obstacles and compete for speed and accuracy.  Racing against the clock, dogs jump through tires, zip through tunnels, scale a 6-foot tall A-frame, traverse a narrow "dog walk," negotiate a see-saw, zigzag through closely spaced, upright poles and soar over a variety of challenging hurdles - all at great speed.

Agility as a spectator sport began in Great Britain in 1978 with a small-scale demonstration at Crufts, considered by many to be the most prestigious dog show in the world.   The show committee wanted an entertaining diversion to fill the spare time between the Obedience championships and the Group judging held in the main arena, so John Varley and Peter Meanwell conceived the notion of dog Agility - a challenging obstacle course with many elements borrowed from equestrian events.  The demonstration had overwhelming spectator appeal, largely because of the fast pace, the challenging and visually spectacular obstacles and the contagious enthusiasm displayed by the dogs.  within a year and a half, the Kennel Club gave Agility its blessing, adopted a set of regulations and began offering Agility as a regular competitive event.

Why Do Agility?

People are attracted to Agility for a wide variety of reasons.  Some simply want to spend some "quality time" with their dogs doing something that's fun together.  the only thing that is more fun than watching dogs do Agility is doing it with your own dog.

Agility is great for dogs that have become bored with other forms of dog training such as competitive obedience.  some worry that their dogs will love Agility training so much that their attitudes will worsen toward Obedience training.  What usually happens however, is that the dogs' attitudes toward obedience work actually improve as a result of the positive working relationship shared through Agility training.

Some dog owners who begin Agility have no intention of competing in Agility trials - they see Agility as a means of instilling confidence in their dogs, to enhance their performance in breed or obedience competition or to make their dogs more confident pets."  - from Agility Training by Jane Simmons-Moake

Think your dog is purebred, not AKC Registered but would like to compete in AKC Agility?  You need an ILP number.
Get more Information:

ILP Instructions (WORD format)         ILP Instructions PDF (use Adobe Reader)

Mixed Breeds can now compete in AKC Agility events



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Ch SilverDust Blue Sneakers CD  NAC CGC HIC TDI - owned by Lynn Tatro, Talyn ACDs - Matanuska Valley, Alaska

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