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ACD Specific - General Breeding/Genetics - Sofware - Whelping - Puppy Evaluation - Puppy ID - Kennels

ACD Specific Resources

ACD Kennel Names and Associated Breeders

ACDCA Genetics Committee

Australian Cattle Dog Coat Colour

A Dog Called Blue Australian Cattle dog Pedigree Database - Noreen Clark

ROM - Register of Merit - ACDCA award recognizing excellence in breeding

Katharine Beutow's ACD Pedigree Database -

General Breeding and Genetics

Health Concerns/Genetic Testing

OFA Index Page - Searchable database - includes more than orthopedic information

Breeding Your Own

Pedigrees - More to it than meets the eye

Selecting Sires by Carmen L. Battaglia (AKC judge - respected breeder)

The Dog Genome Project

James A. Baker Institute for Animal Health

GDC (Institute for genetic disease control)

Genetics and Diversity

Canine Reproduction

Canine Ovulation Timing

Ten reasons to breed your dog

So you want to become a breeder?

Everything about frozen canine semen bank

What makes a breeder responsible


Breed Mate Pedigree Software

CompuPed (tm) by Man's Best Friend Software (tm)


All of the puppies at SilverDust eat K9 Puppy Gold
available here

A Watched Bitch Never Whelps ( excellent for 1st timers )

Puppy milk replacer formulas

The Whelping Box - the nitty gritty of all areas of whelping -- a goldmine!

Whelping info, records, checklists, etc.

Whelping lists

Whelping management articles

Fading puppy syndrome

Whelping Calendar

Whelping Guide

Progesterone levels with reproductive events

Estrus Chart #2 

Breeding Cytology Slides

Whelping Chart

Whelping Cheat Sheet


Delee suction catheter picture


Pregnancy determination in the bitch

Whelping date calculator

Canine Pregnancy Calendar

Canine Gestation Calendar

Whelp help  (Links and charts)

Show Dog Super Site great list of links

Pictorial c-section guide

Jonart Whelping Box

Puppy Evaluation

Dogfolk - Pat Hasting - puppy evaluation - Tricks of the Trade

Microchipping - Puppy Identification

AKC - Companion Animal Recovery Program

The Finder system Dog Tag for Dogs

Home Again Microchip System

Pet ID and the Avid Microchipping System

Puppy Stuff

Puppy Resources

Tylan recipe for puppy diarrhea

Kennel Construction

Kennel Construction

Purina - Fencing, Kennel Design, Planning, Safety, etc.

ACD Specific - General Breeding/Genetics - Sofware - Whelping - Puppy Evaluation - Puppy ID - Kennels

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