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Photo Caption Contest

Bixby and His Flyin Sheep
Bixby lovingly spoiled by Noel DeBruin in Texas at his HIT test (which he did pass!)

The winner of our caption contest is

" This gives "lite sheep" a whole new meaning !! "

from Monica Shifflet, Bryn Mawr


Prize for winning entry receives a free classified ad or featured breeder listing for 2 months

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Reggie had a very hard time choosing. 

Here are some* of the entries:

"WOW These new popcorn sheep are are great !"

 "Heavy sheep a problem? For truly light sheep contact the Helium Sheep Company"

 "This 7 10 split is harder than I thought!"

"No, no Bixby! I said turn the she not toss the sheep!"

 "Just one more blue X. I just gotta get tic tac toe this time!"

 "Forget counting them, LETS BOOGY!!!!"

"The flying sheep of Bixbyville"

"Yeeee Haaaaawwww!!"

 "Altitude Adjustment"


 "Font worry super lamb will save you"

 "Now, if I can just hit that dawg at the right angle"

"Only two chairs left for the remaining three...And... the music stopped."

 "For a moment, Bixby thought he was in the middle of a Monty Python sketch...."


"Little did the unsuspecting Bixby know that SUPERSHEEP was coming to the rescue!!!"


 "Huh! Now they're THROWING sheep at me?"

 "Bixby clears the way for the next Sheep Diving"

"Airborne sheep coming through!!!!"

"Don't worry Elsie I'll save you!"

 "Where the f*** did that come from....."


 "I'll save ya Mavis......."

"You put your right foot in and you shake it all about.... Oooh The Hokie Pokie...."

 "Lets do the Time Warp again!! It's Just a Jump to the left, and then a step to the right, with your paws on your hips, you bring your knees in tight......."

"It's a bird! It's a plane! No....It's Flying Sheep!"

 "Comin to get Ewe."

"If you build it they will come"

 "Up, down and all around - I'll herd your flock in a single bound"

"That'll teach you not to turn!"

"Nobody told me sheep could fly!"

"Mom never told me they could jump like that!! "

 "It's a bird, it's plane, It's SUPER SHEEP!!!!!!!"


 "Bully after the Woolies"

 "Holy Sheep!"

"Over or under--Git 'er done, move them out!"

 "No Fair - Since when do sheep fly!"

"HA think you know how to read sheep? Well G-E-R-O-N-I-M-O, here I come!"

"The Serta counting sheep caught moonlighting as trial sheep"

"Looky Red Coat has'am White coats jumpin and diven!!!!!!!"

"Maybe if I stay up here he won't see me?!?"

"Holy Jumpin' Josaphat!!!!!!"

"She's a super sheep, super sheep. She's super sheepy."
Sung to she's a super freak

"Red cattledog in the corner pocket"


*There were too many entries to list all of them.