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Midnight Desert Outrider  "Rider"


August 1, 2006 our new cattle kid arrived in HOT Arizona from Ohio. We were fortunate enough to be blessed with a friend who agreed to take time from her busy life to fly to AZ with the puppy in cabin (heat embargo). But, we have been most blessed in that Aunt Ellen is trusting us with this absolutely gorgeous boy. We have lots of hopes, dreams and plans for him. His name is AE's Midnight Desert Outrider aka Rider. Rider is my dream dog and I am so very excited about having him with us.

Sandy B arizonasunshine @

Fagen Boyer - blue ACD I adopted my boy Fagen  10 years ago from a not so loving home, as soon i saw him we were never going to be seperated, he is 12 now. Fagen a love and the children just adore him.  He doesn't have a registered name but from the looks of him he came from some good lines.

Heather Boyer, Maine


Sage -  is just a pup who lives with Jana in Washington State.  She is  agility and obedience classes,
In May 2007 she earned her AKC PT title. Many thanks to Lynn Leach of DownRiver Stock Dog Training.
Sage is also in training to be a service dog for me.
Sage is bred by Linda Rocksvold at Austlyn

Our Friend Alexandra lovingly owned by Edie Behning in California
(Alex) at 11 weeks owned by E. Behning in San Jose, California

"I also wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your website. The information on puppy training has been
very helpful. Alex is now 11wks old and growing fast. She is fast and smart. She is turning out to be a great
companion and friend."  -- E. Behning



Charlie from Australia
Charlie Peterson lives in Murray Bridge, South Australia
with his special people David and Adrienne Peterson


Ch Sagacious Little Buddy Blue CD





Ch Sagacious Little Buddy Blue CD lives in Soldatna, Alaska with his special person Lori Galliher and his family - Ray, Taz, and Pirate




VictoriaVictoria Victoria

She is 5 months old and lives in Liberty Twp., NJ with her family Jen and Jay Cummings.  Victoria's favorite past times are chewing Daddy's shoes, frisbee, chasing meow our cat, and her newly discovered favorite spreading the leaf pile back across the lawn. (No one minds because she has so much


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