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ACD Spotlight

What I've Learned From Showing Dogs

Read the escapades of Rebecca Elder's ACDs - Prince Slate, The Lovely Tassel, Kit, & the Way Out ACDs

America Canine Search and Rescue Photo Tribute Slideshow - September 11, 2001 - World Trade Center Attack

Aussie Slang

Australian Slang Dictionary with unique Aussie phrases and Australian slang words

Information on Australia - quality sites

KC's Australian Cattle Dog postcards - Email one free today

Cute Doggy E-Cards

Pet drivers license

SheepGame  - online herding game (warning - can be addictive)

Stanley Coren - dog intelligence tests

The Royal Melbourne Show - Australian livestock exhibition...yes, including ACDs

ACD  - dog to human age ratio

The seven ages of a breeder

Are you a Dog-A-Holic? - Dog-A-Holics Anonymous

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