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Butter - 4 months old

The Australian Cattle Dog requires very little grooming and coat maintenance.  The proper coat will remain healthy with good nutrition and regular brushing.  The feet are perhaps the most important consideration.  Nails should be kept short to maintain their strength.  Pads should be inspected regularly for cuts or bruises and for foreign matter.  Regular bathing does not harm your dog's coat as long as you use a good quality  shampoo that doesn't dry the coat and is formulated for a "harsh" canine coat.  A good oatmeal shampoo or tea tree oil shampoo is fine.  Ears should be kept clean and regularly inspected as well. 

For the conformation show ring, the dogs should be well-brushed to eliminate all loose hair.  They should always be shown clean and with short strong nails.  It is considered a "wash and wear" breed.  Be sure to check ears and teeth as well - make sure they are clean.

How to Dremel included

Growing hair on a doorknob - recipe to encourage coat growth

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