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The Australian Cattle Dog was developed as a breed to move cattle over the inhospitable and rugged Australian outback -  herding.  Every aspect of the breed today - temperament, coat, physical structure, eye color, etc is relative to the breed's original purpose.  Herding with the ACD is the most natural thing in the world.  As with any performance activity, the relationship between handler and dog serves as the foundation.  As the handler learns to trust the dog to do its job and the dog learns how to efficiently move the stock with confidence, the activity of herding becomes one of most joyful and relationship enhancing occupations.

Handlers need to understand concepts basic to herding and the terminology that is used in herding to describe herding dogs and to communicate with people about herding.

Instinct and natural ability play a major role in the dog's responses to livestock and to training.  The concepts of pressure and balance form the basis for working stock.  Reading your dog and stock is an important skill in using training situations to achieve the desired results.  the ability to recognize when your dog is uncomfortable and how to create situations in which he learns to be comfortable is the basis for training.

If you are interested in training your dog for herding, certain facilities, equipment, types of stock, handler responsibilities, and knowledge about your dog's characteristics will make your job easier and more enjoyable.  Careful consideration of all of these factors should enable you to get the most out of your training.

Getting Started In Herding

Working Standard of the Australian Cattle Dog

Herding on the World Wide Web
Cow Dog News

Great Herding Instruction/Resource Site - AZ Herders
The International Herder - home of Herders-L email forum

Yahoo!  Groups ACDHerders - email discussion forum

AKC herding news edited by Lori Herbel who has ACDs

Herding Primer Course A - AKC trialing

Training the outrun on an ACD - S. Waltenburg

ASCA - Australian Shepherd Club of America
offers herding trials/titles for all herding breeds

Low Stress Stock Handling

Starting Stockdogs

American Herding Breed Association

CH Maitlands SilverDust Nickola CD HS at 4 mos - introduction to stock.  Nicki is owned by Deb Casey of Dallas, Texas

 All Breed Herding Training 
(*indicates ACD owner/handler/trainer)

AHBA Trainer's & Facility Directory

Cow Dog Central - Breeders, Associations, Information and Training

Downriver Farm - Lynn Leach *, British Columbia, Can.

Cappy Pruett* - Stockdog Training

Kuawarri Kennel - Larry and Marilyn Painter *, Cleveland, MO

Trail's End - Steve and Julie Waltenburg* Phelan, CA

Ben and Leslie Means, Working Cattle Dogs

Ewe-topia Herddog Training - Joe Kapelos*, WA

Second Chance Ranch - Casco, Michigan*

Jerome M. Stewart - All-Breed Herding Training Sites, Perris, CA

 Xpranch- Kent and Lori Herbel* Putnam, OK

CH Maitlands SilverDust Nikola CD HS with Lynn Leach of Downriver Herding.  Nicki is owned by Deb Casey of Dallas, Texas

Equipment & Instructional Video sources

Working wands, Whistles, Equipment

Best Herding Instruction Videos Ever! *

Herding on the Web
Linda Rorem


A Working Dog

Iíve seen the Rocky Mountains
and the Gulf of Mexico,
the California Surfers
and palm trees in a row.

Iíve read the works of Shakespeare
and seen Picassoís paint,
 the sounds of concert pianists,
And heard the bagpipes quaint.

And all of these have thrilled me
but not one could compare
with watching herding dogs a-working,
a single or a pair.

Thereís magic in each movement
that Mozart never had.
And beauty in each turn
that makes my heart feel glad.

Thereís science in each answer
Of every whistled tone
that Newton never thought of
nor ever was he shown.

Thereís feeling in the handling
that only poets know
or men that work with stockdogs
and feel the teamwork grow.

Wherever life may take you
in sunshine or in fog,
youíll never quite forget it
when once youíve worked a dog

                     ~Author Unknown


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