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What is the BEST Dog food to feed ?

What's Really in Pet Food

RitaNatural diet -- what is it?

Royal Canin Dog Food

Columbia River Natural Pet Foods - Source

Sled Dog Central Dog Food - information and sourceCh SilverDust Blue Sneakers CD HIC CGC TDI - age 6

Building a Balanced Diet

Diet & More

 Building Blocks of Canine Fitness - from Dog Owner's Guide

Dog Food Analysis: Part One - Label Info --  by Earl Wolfe, plus his

Part Two - Ingredients Explained showing contents
of dozens of dog food brands, and the site's Home Page



FDA Veterinarian Newsletter Online - a wealth of information on drugs and food for dogs

Feeding the Canine Athlete - focusing on long-distance sled dogs 

SilverDust G-Day For A Rita -- Love that Sole Food!

Nutrition Links - from

Pet Food & Animal Nutrition - articles on different needs for different needs

Weight Loss Diet for Dogs - using vegetables

What NOT to Feed Your Dog - chocolate, onions, raw eggs, more

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