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ACD puppies are born white.  It is a general rule that a blue dam and blue sire will have all blue pups. 
A red bred to a blue may have a mixed color litter - red and blue. 
There are very few documented red pups being born to  parents who are both blue. 
Cream is not an acceptable coat color for an adult ACD. 

General Links - Name Your Puppy - Rearing/Training

Best puppy training books ever! - Management Magic, Really Reliable Recall

Super puppy information page!

Breed Standard for the Australian Cattle Dog

How do I find an Australian Cattle Dog Puppy?

Developing High Achievers

Digital Angel Pets - Global Positions System ID

Early Spay - overviewMaitlands SilverDust Axl

How to recognize a puppy mill

Puppy test - alpha, beta, omega

Sensory, emotional and social development of the young dog by Dr. Joel Dehasse

Choosing a Puppy or Dog for Search & Rescue

FAQ on Choosing a Working Puppy
- for Schutzhund competition and other dog sports

PAWS Working Puppy Evaluation

Picking a Puppy for a Working Program

Tylan recipe for puppy diarrhea



Three-week-old ACD puppies  - Ch Maitlands SilverDust Nikola HS JHD ASCAs CGC PT, X Ch Woodags Sundowner Got No Blues HS CDX NA CGC

~ Naming Your Puppy ~


1,347 Dog Names - click on a letter of the alphabet

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Eight-week-old ACD puppy - SilverDust Gold Nugget

~ Basic Care & Training for Puppies ~

Tips for Raising an ACD Puppy
from breeders & experts

4 P's of Puppy Training - start at 8-9 weeks
Anatomy & Behavior & Health in Dogs
Bond with Your Dog tips from Uncle Matty
Canine Good Citizen Test - 10 steps to a dog trained for basic companionship and family life 
Collar & Leash for a Pup - tips on selection and use
Crate Training in Brief- used correctly, a crate becomes pup's "den" Rita sez bring along your own pillow!
Dog-tips - find tips from dog lovers on choosing dogs, bringing puppies home, and training and caring for your dog
Helpful Puppy Training Hints - teething, leash training, more
Housebreaking Schedule
House Training Puppies - a comprehensive look
How Dogs Think - read this before you begin puppy training!
How to Teach a Puppy to Come - right and wrong methods
How to Teach a Puppy Self Control
py Care & Health - from veterinarians at the Pet Center
Puppy Care & Training - a friendly, thorough online guide
Puppy Care & Training & More - from Purinaís PuppyPlace
Puppy Care Recommendations - from the Pet Place
Puppy Information Library - from Dr. Pís Dog Training Site
Puppy Rearing - Part One: A Guide for New Owners
Puppy Rearing - Part Two: Socialization
Puppy Rearing - Part Three: New Puppy Training
Socialization Early On Is Important - advice from veterinarians  
Start Puppy Training at 7 Weeks - tips from veterinarians  
Your New Puppy - helpful FAQ from Cindy Tittle Moore



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