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I’ve learned that if you wear gold lame shoes while showing a dog, no one will remember the dog, but they’ll never forget your shoes.

I’ve learned that everyone else looks like their dog but me.

I’ve learned the most attractive outfits, the ones that make you look 15 lbs. lighter and three inches shorter, don’t come with pockets.

I’ve learned that if the words, “Congratulations, you have the better dog,” are said to you, they’re never said loud enough.

I’ve learned your dog’s performance in the ring is directly related to whether or not you have friends coming to watch you. Just how badly you and your dog do has everything to do without how many witnesses are present to watch you.

I’ve learned there is no graceful way to recover from a fall in the ring when your dress flies over your head and catches on your front teeth.

I’ve learned when you have a dog on a winning tear, you suddenly have friends who are people you don’t now.

I’ve learned that when you make a major mistake in the ring, clutching at your chest and yelling, “It’s the big one” doesn’t fool anyone, least of all your dog who looks embarrassed.

I’ve learned that W.C. Fields had it right when he said to avoid working next to children because they steal the show.

I’ve learned never to tell a judge they have food in their teeth, particularly when they’re examining your dog’s bite.

I’ve learned that some judges have NO sense o humor.

I’ve learned large dogs make fools of people unused to showing a dog of that size while toy dogs are quickly dispatched by people accustomed to showing a bigger dog.

I’ve learned that next to needlepoint stores, dog show vendors are the most trusting when it comes to taking checks.

I’ve learned picking up your own dog’s waste with a skimpy paper towel isn’t as revolting as picking up someone else’s dog waste with a front-end loader.

My dogs’ have learned someone else’s bait is always tastier than what I give them.

I’ve learned the very best parking spaces have orange cones saving them for someone.

I’ve learned orange cones crush pretty easily.

I’ve found that the very best people and also the very worse, can be found in our sport.

Susi Szeremy of Makos Pulik


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