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3 months old

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 Lead the Dance
Improve your relationship with your ACD.

Build a foundation for learning.

Lead the Dance!

A program similar to NILIF - Nothing in Life is Free

Locate Trainers

A Breed Apart - Dog Training - John Cone
A Breed Apart - John Cone (Florida and online services)

Conformation Handling


Selecting a Pet Behavior Specialist

American Dog Trainers Network - Your Dog Training & Behavior Resource Center

Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)

Canadian Association of Pro Pet Dog Trainers

National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors - NADOI

Chris Bach - The Third Way Training

Camp Gone to the Dogs - Camp for Obedience, dog lectures, behavior - Leslie Nelson (east coast

International Association of Canine Professionals - IACP

Dog Training Information at

Dog Training Secrets Revealed. Stop Your Dogs Aggression

This 3 month old puppy is safe on its light line for training.  SilverDust Dobie

Training Tips & Articles

 Lead the Dance!

NILIF - Nothing In Life Is Free, behavior modification program for living with any dog

American Dog Trainers Network - Informative dog-related articles and tips

Flying Dog Press (tm) - Suzanne Clothier EXCELLENT !
 free articles including "On Leash Aggression" and "He Just Wants to Say Hi"

Body Language in Dogs - how to read what your dog is saying, from Stacy's WagN'Train

Hondo learns to "find it" !  Challenging your dog with new lessons keeps them out of mischief and helps them live a longer healthier life.

Pet Animal Behavior - How Dogs Think

The Bite Stops Here - Dr. Ian Dunbar

Dog IQ Rankings

Dog's Best Friend - The Other End of the Leash - Patricia McConnell PhD

Dogs Behaving Badly - Jean Donaldson - Jean works miracles with rescues, shelters, and aggression problems

Well Mannered Dog - Shirley Chong

ATTS - American Temperament Test Society

Tail chasing

 Learn basic and advance techniques in order for your dog or
puppy to listen to your every move. Remember this is all free advice for YOU
to use on your pet. These Training Tactics WORKS!

This is a clicker

It is used as a reward marker.  The sound of the clicker is distinctive and has a direct affect on the animal's nervous system.  Properly paired with a food reward (treat) it is highly effective for positive behavior modification.

Clicker Training

Click and Treat (tm) - Gary Wilkes - ACDs!
 learn about his dog Tug, specialized equipment and articles

ClickerSolutions Training Treasures

Karen Pryor dog training -
author of Don't Shoot the Dog, pioneer clicker trainer, began work with dolphins

Specialized Training Equipment

Premier Pet Products - Gentle Leader (tm) head halter, citronella products

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