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SilverDust G-Day For A Rita - 11 weeks at  the Matanuska River in Alaska.  Rita is owned by Lynn Tatro - Wasilla, Alaska

Traveling with your Australian Cattle Dog can be a most enjoyable and safe experience.  While ACDs usually enjoy riding in vehicles and going places with their owners, they should NEVER ride in the bed of a pick-up unless they are in an airline type kennel or other suitable enclosure. 

Before setting out on a long excursion by car or plane, a few preparations are necessary. 

  • Be sure your dog is accustomed to the crate or vehicle.
  • Bring plenty of fresh drinking water and a bowl even if you are flying it is important to have water available as soon as its needed.
  • Your dog should have permanent identification (tattoo or microchip) as well as visible identification such as a collar and tag.
  • Bring a few plastic bags along for cleaning up after your dog (I like to pack a travel pack of wet-wipes as well)
  • Don't forget the leash!
  • For long trips it is a good idea to carry your dog's vaccination record as well as the name and address of your own veterinarian in case of emergency
  • Pack some emergency food for your dog.

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