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The First ACD Trivia Contest

Think you know all about  Australian Cattle Dog Firsts?

Contest Ended May 26, 2006

Congratulations to Lori Pruett of DuWest ACDs
who was the ONLY entry to correctly answer ALL of the questions.

There was a 5 way tie for 2nd place - with only one* incorrect answer each.
*Surprisingly, not all the same question

Australian Cattle Dog Photo Album CDROM by Deb Casey

Lori receives a copy of The ACD Photo Album CD ROM

A limited edition containing photos of hundreds of ACDs

Trivia Contest Answers

1. Who was the first ACD AKC Champion and what year?
Fisher Joshua Blue Jolene 1980

2. Who was the first ACD to have an OFA number and what year?
 Morses Nojack 1977

3. Who was the first 4th generation ACDCA ROM?
Ch. Maitlands Rio Bravo, CD, HSAs, CGC, JHD, VQW, ROM
Owned by Deb Casey of SilverDust ACDS

4. Who was the first ASCA WTCH that was also an AKC CH?
DC Solo's Blue Banjo
5. Who was the first ACDCA * National Specialty * Herding Champion? 
*Not HC title, this award is given at the ACDCA National Specialty during the award presentation
DC Buzzards Rope to Catchem
6. Who was the first ACD to earn a Schutzhund title?
Rickey's Dude, CDX, TD, Sch1

7. Who was the first ACD to earn an HX?
Ch Buzzards Red Tubs HX
8. Who was the first ACD to earn a TDX?
OzarkMist Deja Blue UDTX 

9. Who was the first CH ACD UDT?
Ch Wagga Wagga Blue Stanley UDT - 1985

10. What year was the first ACDCA Specialty?